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This "spice" reactivates dormant sex hormones

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Turmeric is a trending health topic right now, along with green smoothies, probiotics, apple cider vinegar, and kombucha. Want more energy, focus, memory, and a better mood? Read on...

My friend, Cody Bramlett is having a "Buy 1 Get 3 Bottles FREE" PROMO for his Turmeric Bioperine supplement.

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I was listening to Dr. Geo Espinoza, the holistic doctor, and author of a new book called Thrive on a podcast recently.

He said the best veggies to eat are cruciferous (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower...) because of the anti-cancer sulforaphanes. But the BEST thing to do is to eliminate or control metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is present as a fat belly, often with high blood pressure, high lipids and cholesterol/triglycerides.

Metabolic syndrome generates a blood sugar imbalance and inflammation.

In men, belly fat means too much estrogen. A man's testosterone to estrogen ratio should be 14:1 and as soon as estradiol creeps up to 8:1, the fat starts turning their testosterone to estrogen.

He says controlling metabolic syndrome is crucial and that, "curcumin is a phenomenal botanical." It's in Dr. Geo/s TOP FIVE along with enough vitamin D to get to between 40-65 nanograms per milliliter.

Turmeric is derived from the rhizomes (underground stems) of the plant Curcuma longa, a member of the ginger family. It is responsible for the yellow color of Indian curry and American mustard. Curcumin, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is the most active constituent of turmeric, making up between two to six percent of this spice.

That's why I'm so excited to tell you about my good friend Cody Bramlett, who just announced a BANGER of a deal for his Turmeric + Bioperine supplement.

Act fast; this offer won't last long.

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Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

While you can always add turmeric into your food and tea, taking it in capsule form makes it so much more convenient.

I tried drinking it in tea form, but the taste didn't quite do it for me.

Now, turmeric alone gives you so much; increased energy, improved focus, mood, and memory, promotes better quality sleep, controls appetite, and fosters healthier skin.

Cody's special blend of Turmeric and Bioperine, however, gives you even more. It includes:

Manganese (revitalizes and reactivates dormant sex hormones and helps with your metabolism)

Iron (helps with weakness, fatigue, and blood issues)

Vitamin B6 (great for its anti-aging properties, as well as improves hair, skin, liver, and eyes)

Fiber (works wonders for your digestion, controls appetite and fosters kidney health)

Copper (nurtures nerve health and gives you youthful hair, eyes, and skin)

Potassium (supports healthy blood pressure, reduces anxiety and stress, and improves muscle strength and metabolism)

Vitamin K (builds strong bones and promotes heart health)

Calcium (helps regulate blood sugar levels, boosts heart health, and builds strong bones)

Chromium (regulates appetite, cravings, and helps boost metabolism)

Instead of taking all these individually, you can get them all in one capsule.

The best thing is you get 3 bottles FREE when you buy 1 today.

However, you better be quick. I can only imagine how fast these bottles will fly off the shelves because this deal is a no-brainer.

Perfect for jumpstarting your health for 2019 and beyond.

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To Better Health,

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