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2 Silent Libido Depressants, my new free report on libido inside.
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My New Free Report On Libido Inside!

Today I want to address libido because so many of you tell me this is one of your struggles.

Libido is also called sex drive. Other words that describe libido include vitality, vigor, potency, and lust.

Without a lust for life overall, your libido is dampened. The same drive that creates your sexual desire is the drive of general life force.

When your life force is strong, you have a lust for life, more passion for living and more overall creativity. Libido and life force are two sides of the same coin.

Here is my BRAND NEW downloadable report with over thirty fascinating facts about sex drive. These are some of the insights I gleaned interview 28 doctors and sexperts for my upcoming Sexual Vitality Summit.

Hot To Trot: 38 Fascinating Facts To Supercharge Your Sex Drive ⇐ Sign Up To Download For FREE


Your libido is ruled by your health. If you have physical and emotional issues, they are tamping down your desire. Libido is not solely generated by your hormones. They play a role. Certainly for women, having enough estrogen keeps your genitals plump with a youthful resiliency. But testosterone is the king, queen and joker of the desire molecules.

Testosterone is found in both sexes. And men give women a dose of testosterone during kissing and intercourse. Not only are we symbiotic, but a man's semen also supports a woman's confidence, good moods, mental clarity and heart health.


The two issues that most heavily impact libido besides specific health issues such as diabetes, inflammation from auto-immune diseases, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, anxiety, and depression are:

1) the health of your gut microbiome and
2) the need to detoxify your body from today's chemical-laden environment.

Having high levels of hormones are only a part of what makes a person have a strong sex drive. A body full of toxins along with digestive issues are at the root of low libido.

Toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, our cleaning fluids, health and beauty aids and the environment in which we exist emit hormone disruptors. Three of the top silent hormone disruptors that may be suppressing your natural hormone production are mold (mycotoxins), lead, and cadmium (heavy metals).

Trust me, if you're over 40 you need to detox for optimal health. No one can escape the estrogenic effects of BPA's, soy, plastics, fragrances, food colorings, herbicides... the list of toxins in our environment has hit a crisis point.

In this modern age - to stay young and vital - you must eradicate these toxins that get stuck in the fat in your brain, bone marrow, and adipose tissue. Your body has accumulated all kinds of nasty environmental contaminants that are suppressing your immune system, exacerbating chronic diseases and wreaking havoc with your hormone production.

Detoxing and resetting your gut allow your natural hormone production to work at full capacity.

You can reset your gut, immunity and sexual vitality.

If you're a man suffering from erectile dysfunction or a woman with low desire and brain fog, restoration of the gut microbiome and opening detoxification pathways may be what's standing between you and a sizzling hot libido.

Hot To Trot: 38 Fascinating Facts To Supercharge Your Sex Drive ⇐ Sign Up To Download For FREE

Make It Sizzle,

Susan Bratton, "Trusted Hot Sex Advisor To Millions" of lovers who crave lifelong intimacy and passion. As the Dear Abby of Sex, she has helped create and revive countless sex lives with her bestselling books and programs such as Relationship Magic, Sexual Soulmates, The Passion Patch, Revive Her Drive and her Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection.

For more insider tips, follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her Better Lover YouTube channel.

P.S. Along with this report you will get a ticket to a complimentary video event I'm hosting called, The Sexual Vitality Summit. Each day for seven days you get a series of gratis videos about sexual vitality and longevity.

We'll be covering natural health solutions to everything that plagues mid-lifers in the bedroom:

• Vaginal pain
• Thinning hair
Erectile issues
• Overcoming past trauma
Detoxing and resetting your gut
• Plus hormones, hormones, hormones!

Sign Up Here and get both unlimited daily access for a whole week PLUS this supercool ebook with 38 actionable ideas to boost your libido you will NOT see in Cosmo or Men's Health.

Hot To Trot: 38 Fascinating Facts To Supercharge Your Sex Drive ⇐ Sign Up To Download For FREE

P.P.S. The company we keep... Here I am with some of my sexperts and friends at a recent Fan MeetUp in Austin, TX. I'm blessed to have amazing connections I can leverage for your sexual vitality!

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Cute and sweet couples exercise (Passion Playdates #3), make some time for this...
Susan BrattonSusan Bratton Dr. Patti TaylorDr. Patti Taylor Sloane FoxSloane Fox Tallulah SulisTallulah Sulis

Passion Playdates are when you and your partner set aside a specific time for passion play and sensual "private" activities where you both come in as beginners, assuming you know nothing and proceeding to learn new things and experiences together.

These are little exercises and activities you can do as a couple to expand and deepen your satisfaction and pleasure together as a couple.

Think of it as a fun "couples sexercise" that grows and enriches your intimacy - physical and emotional.

Singles can even learn these Passion Playdates to be ready when they find someone they like and want to invite into their lives, or for when they find their future partner.

We all appreciate words of encouragement, respect, and appreciation. Cool fact I learned from Dr. Stephanie Estima... When you give a woman appreciation, it increases her serotonin levels. This, in turn, triggers a dopamine release in her body. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter of happiness, dopamine the neurotransmitter of excitement. Men produced twice the serotonin that women do. We need our guys to kickstart our happiness and excitement with verbal appreciation.

One of my favorite games I play with my husband is, "3 Things I Love About You."

Anytime I want, I can ask him to tell me three things he loves about me and he will answer.

It always makes me feel great.

He is good at coming up with reasons why he loves me. But for some people, their brain freezes. When they try to answer, they can think of a million reasons they love their partner. But it all gets jumbled up together and doesn't come out eloquently.

For that reason, I wanted to give you twenty free ideas for expressing your appreciation for your partner.

(You can print this list out and use it as a cheat sheet.)


1. I love hearing stories about your ___________.
2. You deserve a gold medal for _____________.
3. You are so good at giving me _____________.
4. I love when you make ___________________.
5. You have the best taste in ________________.
6. When you _________________ it's like magic.
7. My favorite place to kiss you is ____________.
8. I like when you hug me ______________ best.
9. I always want to hear what you say about ___________.
10. One of my favorite all time moments we shared together was __________________.
11. When we first met, the thing I loved about you best was ______________________.
12. You have such strong ____________.
13. Everyone should be as ______________ as you are.
14. If you were an animal, you'd be a _______________.
15. If you were a cuisine, you'd be _________________. (I love to eat you up!)
16. One of the little things you do without thinking that makes me very happy is __________________.
17. One of your skills I admire most is ______________.
18. The sexiest place on your body is ______________.
19. You look hot when __________________________.
20. Over time I've grown to seriously appreciate your ability to_______________.

There you go! Print this list out. Stick it in your wallet and refer to it when you need to.

The more you give verbal appreciation to your partner, the happier you'll make them.

Part of what you're doing is modeling great behavior when you offer appreciations.

When you're in a relationship you're always training your partner, either explicitly or implicitly.

Seduction is not a bad word. As a matter of fact, doing this little appreciation game is seductive - it helps couples have fun together.

Bottom line, it's almost impossible to be too verbally appreciative. Go ahead and start weaving compliments into your everyday relating.

Start complimenting people you work with. Compliment random people you meet.

Being verbally appreciative is a skill. The more you do it, the better at it you get.

And interestingly, don't worry about receiving appreciation. That will come naturally as you fill the world up with your appreciations.

One of the things I love about you is your willingness to keep becoming a better person.

Just reading this email shows me that you care about others and want to do good things in the world.

It's the same with all our other articles over the week. They're all meant to help you do good things in the world, starting with your relationships and intimate life.

5 Steps To Radical Acceptance (Even The "Unlovable" Parts)
Could you love MORE? Do you feel deeply loved? No matter what the "reason," holding back has a big impact on every aspect of a relationship, sex included.

"Afraid my wife will find out." (Mailbag)
"What's really holding me back is fear of my wife finding out, fear of my failure, fear of her disapproval, fear of more rejection." Listen, if it's been more than a few days since you've had fulfilling sex with your wife, you should read on...

❤ Why men lie
If you've ever had your heart broken and can't *trust* men, you need to drop everything and watch this incredible presentation.

Doctors and specialists are secretly using this as their "alternative cures bible"
President of Medical Research Associates, David Allen, wrote and compiled everything into one wonderful resource every health-minded person is going to love.

Keto Detox Drink Shreds 1-2 pounds (Drink this tonight)
According to the source website, 99% of keto experts, enthusiasts, and beginners don't know about this daily detox trick.

☄ Sex With Disabilities (VIDEO STORY)
You have to know that no matter what, YOU are deserving of love, happiness, human connection, and sexual pleasure.

Keep It Sexy,

Sexy, classy and sassy Sloane Fox is Personal Life Media's Sensual Ambassador. She's here to help you get the info you need to have a happy, healthy, hot sex life. This fan-favorite is a self-proclaimed BJ aficionado and creator of the highly-erotic bestselling program Blow Job Secret.

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