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7 Natural pain relief methods, here's how to beat the pain that is beating you...
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If you've ever experienced chronic pain of any kind, you know just how much of a relief pain medication can give.

But these meds come with a lot of risks that include health complications and even addiction. Both NSAID's like aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, AND opioids are so bad for you that it's imperative you have some natural pain medications in your medicine cabinet.

At the link below you will see the top 7 natural pain relievers that my favorite alternative doctor, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby recommends.

In 2017, a study revealed that an estimated 18 million people have had issues with these medications at least once per year. Over 30 million Americans take one or both of these pain relievers every year. And they are bad for your health!

The more you take pain meds, the more your body gets used to its effects. That means you'll end up needing to take even more of the medication to keep getting the same level of relief.

They also have a powerful impact on our body's ability to produce and balance hormones. Testosterone for men and estrogen for women.

But is there another way to take away the pain?

Surprisingly, YES! And if you look hard enough, you'll find there are A LOT of natural pain relief methods available.

The great news is YOU don't have to look hard because somebody has already done it for you.

Check This Out ⇐ Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby's Website On Natural Pain Relief


Dr. Mumby even says that the ONLY way to relieve pain is to go the natural route. Pharmaceuticals only "mask" the pain.

He has compiled his knowledge of natural pain relief methods into one resource, and here are some of the things you'll find inside:

• How inflammation relates to pain. Learn effective and fast methods of reducing inflammation and so quenching the pain.

Read about a device that uses laser light to calm painful lesions. Be sure to check which color works best! You can even shine laser light up your nostril and get all the same benefits as professional therapy, without the cost and with many other benefits, such as decreased blood viscosity (blood viscosity is what puts you at risk of a heart attack).

• Read what herbs work better than aspirin and sometimes better than morphine. (section 16)

• The broohaha about "medical" marijuana, why it's a fraud and no better than legalized drug pushing (the state of Colorado is taken over, at government level, by Mexican drug gangs, who are now indirectly licensed to sell their spoils... and things will deteriorate very fast). There are hundreds of safe alternatives. Why take a vicious herb that turns some people psychotic and is no better than legal alternatives?

• Find how an astonishing change of eating patterns that will calm almost 100% of painful musculo-skeletal conditions.

• Discover the amazing scientific revelation of the cause of 93% of headaches and migraine and learn how to put a permanent stop to it. (section 29)

Check This Out ⇐ Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby's Website On Natural Pain Relief

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